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Bundle of Joy, Large

$189.99 - $219.99
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Circumference @ Head:
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2.75 lbs
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Introducing the "Bundle of Joy," a hand-made simulated pregnancy device crafted in a proprietary, medical-grade formulation of 100% platinum silicone designed for an ultra-realistic experience.

The "Miracle Baby" is a powerful instructional aid for educators to create inclusive and informative lessons on pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care.

By fostering more profound understanding and empathy, the "Bundle of Joy" ensures that everyone can participate and learn about the wonders of pregnancy.

The "Bundle of Joy" serves as a therapeutic companion, providing solace to people experiencing infertility or suffering from a lost pregnancy.

The "Bundle of Joy" also delivers emotional aid, transcending "traditional" gender boundaries and inviting all to gain a sense of what it is to become a mother and to know that primal connection forged at birth.

Experience the miracle of life like never before with the "Bundle of Joy"!