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Bundle of Joy, Extra Large

$279.99 - $314.99
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Circumference @ Head:
Circumference @ Shoulders:
Circumference @ Knees:
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4.75 lbs
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 "Bundle of Joy"


  • The "Bundle of Joy" is created from a proprietary formulation of life-like, 100% platinum silicone.
  • The ultra-realistic feel of the "Bundle of Joy" silicone skin is far superior to a traditional doll's nylon, latex, or plastic material.
  • The "Bundle of Joy" breathes new life into fantasy doll play.



 *** DANGER ***

  • The "Bundle of Joy" is a NOVELTY ITEM intended for fantasy doll play only.
  • DO NOT INSERT the "Bundle of Joy"  into any body cavity, as it may become irretrievable and require emergency surgical removal.
  • The "Bundle of Joy"  is NOT SAFE FOR VAGINAL OR ANAL USE, as it may cause severe injury and internal damage.
  • Misuse of the "Bundle of Joy" may have LIFE-THREATENING CONSEQUENCES.